Taphole equipment for blast furnaces

Taphole drilling machines, clay guns and hydraulic drive stations


dhms taphole system solutions are extremely robust and reliable. They are easy to erect and maintain due to the use of only a minimum of moving parts. Hydraulic dhms taphole drills, clay guns, drive stations are individually designed solutions for either existing blast furnaces or new furnaces. The drill and clay gun systems are optimally configured and optimized by using 3D movement simulation software according to our customer’s demand. dhms taphole drills and clay guns guarantee the opening and closing of furnaces under any condition which is a key safety factor.


dhms taphole drills and clay guns allow the use of wear resistant and quick setting clays and allow optimal adjustment of the tapping parameters as well as their reproducibility. Sensors suitable for the blast furnace environment provide parameter feedback for monitoring of all relevant data.


During project planning the efficiency for many years of reliable operation is determined. Efficient work processes, safety concepts and investment costs are considered to design the ideal customer specific solution and to ensure the overall efficiency of an installation.


Two basic potential layouts are offered:


  • clay gun and taphole drill on one runner side

  • clay gun and taphole drill installed on opposite sides of the runner


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