dh SDH

Hydraulic shaft drill rig (3 or 4 arms)

All hydraulic dhms shaft drill rigs consist of two main modules – an electrohydraulic drive and control unit and an umbrella-like foldable drill rig.

The high drilling speed that can be achieved with hydraulic drilling means that the drill rig can operate with three to four drill booms only.

The drill rig is kept on standby at the entrance of the shaft, where it is stored on wheel- or rail-mounted parking- and maintenance-racks. For carrying out maintenance or adjustment work a small drive and control unit is integrated into the parking- and maintenance-rack.

For transport to the sinking floor the drill rig is folded up umbrella-like. The transport diameter is only 1,900 mm. After the drill rig has passed through the shaft platform, the connection to the electrohydraulic drive and control unit, mounted onto the shaft platform, is made by zero-leakage hydraulic quick-couplers and special connectors.

Upon reaching the shaft bottom a stinger is used to position the central column of the drill rig into a hole that has been pre-drilled (Pius) in the center of the shaft. After switching on the drive and control unit the stinger can be extended hydraulically up to 450 mm for optimum adjustment of the drill rig to the shaft bottom. Then the three telescopic struts arranged at the upper section of the central column are extended and braced against the shaft wall. At last the drill booms are extended and the drill feeds are moved into their drilling positions.


The stable bracing enables quick and precise positioning of the drill feeds at each drill hole starting point.

For the most varied drilling tasks a wide range of different drill feeds is available for effective drilling depths of up to 5,000 mm, which are equipped with powerful hydraulic rotary drills or drifters. Simple and quick change between rotary or rotary percussive drilling mode and therefore easy adaption to varying rock conditions is possible.

The drill feeds fitted to the new drill rig feature a cylinder system that delivers high thrust and pull-back forces. They also come with a hose reel for optimum hose routing. As an option the drill feeds can be equipped with a hydraulic clamping device for extension drilling and a suction hood for extraction of drill cuttings during dry drilling.

The operator uses remote controls for setting-up, positioning and drilling functions. Each single drill boom is operated by one separate remote control panel. The remote control panels are switchable to the different drill booms and setting-up functions. The control functions consist of a collaring stage, an automatic on/off function for drifter percussion and an automatic anti-jamming function.

According to customer’s request one-piece or two-piece tailor-made electro-hydraulic power packs are installed on the shaft platform to supply the power for operation of the drill rig. The version with two power packs enables switching between the different drill booms and the umbrella-like folding up function in case of breakdown. Depending on the design the power packs can either be stored in vertical or horizontal position on the shaft platform. In addition to a water cooling system they are also equipped with an air cooling system for drilling with air flushing. Besides of the power supply of the drill rig the power packs can also be used to supply other hydraulic machinery and equipment with the required power during the shaft sinking process.

Special measures have been taken to protect the drill rig and the power packs from water and dust ingress. The electric components are designed for protection in accordance with protection class IP 66. A flameproof version is also available.


  • dh SDH3 – three drill booms

  • dh SDH4 – four drill booms


drilling tasks during shaft sinking operations:

  • blast holes

  • prospecting holes

  • injection holes

  • water drainage holes

main characteristics

  • hydraulically driven

  • adaptable to various shaft diameters

  • foldable like an umbrella to create a minimum diameter for transport through the shaft platform to the shaft floor

  • rapid erection and removing at shaft bottom

  • rapid and accurate positioning of drill feeds to blast hole pattern due to stable set up by bracing elements

  • automatic parallel holding of drill feeds

  • drill feed systems for various blast hole lengths (up to 5,000 mm)


  • high drilling speed during blast hole drilling

  • high drilling speed during extension drilling

  • increased drill hole depths (prospecting holes, injection holes)

  • rotary or rotary-percussive drill mode can be employed simply by fitting high performance hydraulic rotary drills or drifters

  • optimum drill control (automatic collaring, on/off of drifter percussion, anti-jamming)

  • rigid drill boom kinematics with additional lateral alignment of drill feeds (2 x 15°)

  • no lubrication oil mist

  • reduced noise level

  • reduced operator request due to only three to four drill booms

Data sheet

basic standard IP66 (mit und ohne Schlagwetterschutz)
total length approx. 8500 mm
transport diameter 1900 mm
weight approx. 10000 - 12000 kg
drill feeds verschiedene (Bohrtiefe bis zu 5000 mm)
bracing elements 3