dh SD6

Shaft drill rig (6 arms)

Drilling tasks during shaft sinking operations:


  • blast holes

  • prospecting holes

  • injection holes

  • water drainage holes

  • pneumatically driven

  • adaptable to various shaft diameters

  • drill feed systems for various blast hole lengths (up to 4,800 mm)

  • foldable like an umbrella to create a minimum diameter for transport through the shaft platform to the shaft floor

  • rapid erection at shaft bottom

  • rapid and accurate positioning of drill feeds to blast hole pattern due to stable set up by bracing elements

  • integrated lubricating system for drifters and pneumatic feed motors

  • easy maintenance due

Data sheet

basic standard flameproof version
total length approx. 8000 - 9000 mm
transport diameter 2100 mm
weight approx. 11500 kg
shaft coverage diameter approx. (min. - max.) 5000 - 12000 mm
compressed air consumption (at 6 bar) 72 m³/min
drill feeds verschiedene (Bohrtiefe bis zu 4800 mm)
bracing elements 3
undercarriage (horizontal parking/storage) railbound/wheelbound