Shaft drill rigs

Shaft drill jumbos of the SD series are used in shaft sinkings for drilling holes for blasting, for injection work and for exploration surveys. The machines can be folded up like an umbrella to create a minimum diameter for transport through the shaft platform to the shaft floor.


Once set up on the shaft bottom the centre column of the machine is aligned and braced with tensioning struts. The jib arms are then extended and the drill feeds moved into their drilling positions.


Shaft drill rigs of this type can be supplied ready fitted with up to six drill feeds, depending on shaft diameter. Equipped with reliable pneumatically powered rock drills they deliver high drilling rates in all types of rock strata.


  • pneumatically driven

  • adaptable to various shaft diameters

  • drill feed systems for various blast hole lengths (up to 4,800 mm)

  • rapid erection at shaft bottom

  • rapid and accurate positioning of drill feeds to blast hole pattern due to stable set up by bracing elements

  • integrated lubricating system for drifters and pneumatic feed motors

  • easy maintenance due to undercarriage for horizontal storage at shaft bank

Shaft drill jumbo dh SD3
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