dh DRP

pneumatic rotary drill

The pneumatic rotary drill dh DRP is suitable for drilling in coal as well as in rock strata of low to medium hardness and is used for drilling e.g. blast holes, bolt holes, exploration or stress relief bore holes. The reversible rotating direction allows also extension drilling using thread type drill rods.


The short and compact design fits for mounting on drill feeds for numerous applications e.g. during shaft sinking or shaft repair. Further applications are drilling in longwall face areas or in other underground mine areas where only pneumatic drives can be used.


The dh DRP rotary drill with its external flushing head can drill with water, water-air mist or air flushing.


A range of shank adaptors of female or male design is available for optimal adaptation to the different drilling modes.


The dh DRP rotary drill offers good drilling progress, high reliability and requires minimum maintenance.

dh DRP

Data sheet

total power 3,5 kW
rotation speed 300 min-1
torque 110 Nm
air pressure 5,5 bar
length 530 mm
width 236 mm
height 192 mm
weight approx. 66 kg