dh DR

Hydraulic rotary drill

The dh DR1, dh DR2 and dh DR3 are the universal hydraulic rotary drills for rock strata of low to medium hardness. The dh DR rotary drills are the shortest in their class for best utilization of feed length and ideal for drilling and installing rock bolts in confined spaces.


  • excellent reputation for high drilling speed and reliability

  • rotation motors with various rotation speed and torque ranges for best adjustment to any drilling and bolting requirements

  • shank adapters of male or female type

  • low maintenance efforts, all wear parts easily replaceable

  • external flushing head for water, water-mist or air flushing

dh DR1, dh DR2, dh DR3

Data sheet

length 316 mm, 407 mm, 360 mm
width 283 mm, 354 mm, 395 mm
height 211 mm, 232 mm, 346 mm
weight approx. 60 kg, 90 kg, 150 kg