dh DP15

Hydraulic drifter

The highly efficient hydraulic rock drill was built to withstand the rigors of harsh mining and tunneling conditions while providing maximum drilling performance.

The dh DP15 makes it easy to combine drifting, long-hole drilling and roof bolting. Available with male or female shank adapters and designed as one of the shortest rock drifters in its class the dh DP15 stands for best utilization of feed length.


  • powerful 15 kW impact mechanism

  • efficient internal reflex damping system for effective protection of the drifter and the drill string

  • a choice of rotation motors with different torques and rotation speeds allow to match any drilling and bolting application

  • excellent dependability in operation

  • reinforced design for longer service and simplified maintenance

  • extended life spans of wear components


  • blast hole drilling

  • extension drilling

  • bolting



  • powerful impact mechanism

  • available with male or female shank adapters

  • available with integrated rod/tube extraction device for preventing the drill string from getting stuck

  • adjustable to actual rock conditions

  • adaptable to various bolting applications

  • shortest drifter in its class for best utilization of drill feed length

  • excellent dependability

  • extended life spans of wear components

  • reinforced design for longer service intervals and simplified maintenance



dh DP15 female
dh DP15 male

Data sheet

impact power max. 15 kW
hydraulic pressure max. 200 bar
oil flow (impact mechanism) 100 l/min
impact rate 70 Hz
weight incl. shank adapter 180 kg
length (with female shank adapter) 893 mm
length (with male shank adapter) 986 mm
width 294 mm
height 232 mm
height above drill center 87 mm
lubricating air 250 - 350 l/min (2 - 2,5 bar)
flushing pressure 8 - 20 bar