dh R130

Roadheading machine (weight class 130 t) for mineral mining

The roadheader dh R130 with a total weight of 128 t and installed cutting power of 400 kW is ideally suited for mineral mining. Numerous design features and accessories allow precise adaptation to the various mining and site conditions.





features and accessories


  • low-height design telescopic

  • cutting boom

  • transversal cutting head / longitudinal cutting head

  • high stability during cutting by an automatic balancing system

  • online monitoring and data analysis system

  • low ground pressure

  • flameproof or non-flameproof electrics

  • radio-remote controls for roadheader and drilling/bolting device

  • drilling/bolting device with rotary drills dh DR or drifter dh DP15

  • drill feed systems for various drilling/bolting applications

  • operator's cabin (FOPS) (optional with air conditioning)

  • closed loop cooling system

  • water mist spray system

  • steal arch manipulator

  • profile control system

  • diesel powerpack for tramming

  • air compressor

  • loading apron extensions (fixed/slewable)

  • slewable service platforms

  • swivel conveyor (vertically/horizontally slewable)

  • swivel belt conveyor

  • bridge belt conveyor

  • cable reel

  • various back-end systems

Data sheet

weight approx. 128 t
cutting power 400 kW
total power 560 kW
width 3800 mm
length 15000 mm
height 4600 mm
width of loading apron (min.) 6000 mm
cutting cross section 45 m²
rock cutting ability (UCS) ≤ 140 MPa
conveyor throat 780 x 500 mm
width of crawler tracks 800 / 1000 mm
ground pressure 0,21 / 0,16 MPa
ground clearance 400 / 500 mm
gradeability (longitudinal) 18°
max. gradeability (transversal)