Drilling / bolting devices for roadheaders

The dh ABSE is the universal drilling and bolting unit for roadhea-ders with machine weights of 50 t and above.

The hydraulic system of the individual roadheader is used for po-wer supply, a separate power pack is available as an alternative. A radio remote control unit serves for precise and quick operation of the drilling/bolting device.

The entire rig with its drill boom and drill feed is mounted on a traversing track which is additionally relocatable on the roadhea-der by a shifting cylinder. Changeover between parking and wor-king position is achieved in less than half a minute.

Thus, the parking position guarantees an unhindered cutting operation of the roadheader and drilling/bolting operation is possible in front of the cutter head.

The telescopic boom with its double rotation device ensures ra-pid and precise positioning to all drilling patterns for roadway bolting as well as to all drilling patterns in roadway direction. Thus e.g. blast holes during difficult cutting conditions, explorati-on, degassing or stress relief holes or drill holes for face reinforce-ment can be drilled.

Tailor-made drill feeds with numerous fittings allow optimal ad-aption to the various drilling and bolting applications and road-way profiles.

Powerful, reliable and wear resistant drifters (dh DP15 series) and rotary drills (dh DR series) ensure short drilling and bolting cycles.

Data sheet

length approx. (depending on drill feed) 8000 - 9000 mm
width 1000 mm
height 1150 mm
weight approx. 6000 kg
drill boom BTL 180
boom extension 1100
drill control system Anbohrstufe, automatische Schlagwerk Zu- und Abschaltung, Antifestbohrautomatik, einstellbare Ankerfunktionen
drill feeds verschiedene (je nach Einsatzbedingung)
drifter dh DP15
rotary drills dh DR