dh L600

Multi-purpose side-dump and dinting loader

The dh L600 with its standard quick coupling device is the ideal multi-function loading machine for mining.


Rapid attachment and use of the dh L600 for loading, dinting, blast hole drilling, bolting and further applications is achieved by an innovative quick coupling device. It allows the attachment tools to be fitted from floor level without the need for any other auxiliary means.


The hydraulic control system allows for utilization of hydraulic drive power to full extent when operating with the various attachment tools.


The ergonomic control stand offers very quick and precise handling and greatly enhances operator comfort.


  • available in flameproof or non-flameproof version

  • electric motor rating 55/63 kW

  • bucket volume 0.3 m³/0.6 m³

  • slewable telescopic boom

  • crawler for drifts with gradient angles up to 20°

  • robust drive housing for protection of drive components from damage during operation and transport

  • modular design of all components for quick assembly and easy maintenance

Data sheet

electric components mit/ohne Schlagwetterschutz
motor rating 55/63 kW
pump flow 145 l/min
bucket volume (side-dump bucket) 0,3 m³ / 0,6 m³
bucket volume (box-type bucket) 0,3 m³
tramming speed 1,15 m/s
gradeability (longitudinal) 20°
gradeability (transversal)
loading performance (depending on tramming distance, with side-dump bucket) 0,9 - 1,2 m³/min
loading performance (depending on tramming distance, with box-type bucket) 0,45 - 0,6 m³/min
length (with side-dump bucket) 7780 mm
length (with box-type bucket) 8050 mm
width 1200 mm
height (without protective roof) 1200 mm
height (with protective roof) 1994 mm
weight approx. 10800 kg
ground pressure 0,1 MPa
ground clearance power pack 341 mm
ground clearance crawler unit 250 mm
boom swivelling angle 2 x 30°
boom extension 700 mm
discharge height (with side-dump bucket) 3370 mm
discharge height (with box-type bucket) 2899 mm
digging depth (with side-dump bucket) 616 mm
digging depth (with box-type bucket) 569 mm
breaking force at bucket tooth (side-dump bucket) 59 / 46 kN
breaking force at bucket tooth (box-type bucket) 40 kN
penetrating force (horizontal) 100 kN