dh L1200

Multi-purpose loader

The dh L1200 with a bucket volume of 1.2 m³ is the ideal loading machine for medium-profile roadways.


The high drive output allows short loading cycles even in steeply inclined roadways.The swivelling boom with a boom extension of 900 mm allows loading without moving the crawler. Thus damage to the roadway floor and wear of crawler components are significantly reduced. The rugged design and use of components which have been tried and tested over many years of operation ensure a high machine availability and low running costs even under difficult working conditions. The modular design makes for rapid machine assembly and deployment at the operating site and greatly facilitates servicing and maintenance.


A unique quick coupling device allows attachment of various tools and use of the L1200 as multi-purpose machine.


  • available in flameproof or non-flameproof version

  • electric motor rating 75 kW

  • bucket volume 1.2 m³

  • slewable telescopic boom

  • crawler for drifts with gradient angles up to 20°

  • robust drive housing for protection of drive components from damage during loading and transport

  • modular design of all components for quick assembly and easy maintenance

Attachment tools

  • drilling/bolting device

  • gas-/longhole drilling device

  • hydraulic breaker

  • cutter head




  • auxiliary winch

  • cable reel

  • protective roof

Data sheet

electric components flameproof or non-flameproof version
motor rating 75 kW
pump flow 230 l/min
bucket volume 1,2 m³
tramming speed 1,3 m/s
gradeability (longitudinal) 20°
gradeability (transversal)
loading performance (depending on tramming distance) 1,8 - 2,4 m³/min
length 6800 mm
width 1560 mm
height (without protective roof) 1355 mm
height (with protective roof) 1961 mm
weight approx. 14000 kg
ground pressure 0,12 MPa
ground clearance power pack 350 mm
ground clearance crawler unit 260 mm
boom swivelling angle 2 x 20°
boom extension 900 mm
discharge height 2157 mm
digging depth 600 mm
breaking force at bucket tooth 71 kN
penetrating force (horizontal) 150 kN