dh L2000d

Multi-purpose loader with diesel engine

The diesel driven dh L2000d is a low-profile multi-purpose crawler with a swiveling telescopic boom for a variety of underground applications where a mobile unit is required. It has been specifically designed for use on steep gradients.

The crawler tracks are equipped with 500 mm wide special base plates in order to achieve the necessary traction forces on inclinations up to ± 25° (47 %).

The 4-cylinder in-line engine has a total power of 129.4 kW at a speed of 2,200 rpm and meets the newest emission guidelines Euro 4 (Europe) and EPA Tier 4 Final (US). The engine provides a maximum torque of 750 Nm at a speed of 1,400 rpm.

Precise and safe operation of the crawler is achieved by sensitive joysticks and an electric pilot operated hydraulic system. The ergonomic driver’s compartment (FOPS/ROPS) includes a LCD display showing all operating states and picture of rear camera.
A central lubrication system facilitates maintenance operations. Fire prevention is ensured by an integrated fire extinguish system. The modular design of the multi-purpose crawler with mining appropriate transport dimensions enables a quick transport and a short installation time.

The multi-purpose crawler features a quick coupling device for rapid change of attachment tools. Beside of the common attachments it can be equipped with an adjustable dozer blade for floor leveling, roadway repair or backfilling operations. The slewable dozer blade (2 x 20°) in combination with the swiveling boom (2 x 20°) allows the use of the dozer blade parallel to the direction of tramming.

Data sheet

motor rating 129,4 kW
pump flow 2 x 160 l/min
bucket volume 2,0 m³
tramming speed 1,3 m/s
gradeability (longitudinal) 25°
max. gradeability (transversal)
loading performance (depending on tramming distance) 3,0 - 4,0 m³/min
length 8390 mm
width 1992 mm
height (with protective roof) 2300 mm
weight approx. 27500 kg
ground pressure 0,10 MPa
ground clearance power pack 380 mm
ground clearance crawler unit 290 mm
boom swivelling angle 2 x 20°
boom extension 1500 mm
discharge height 2550 mm
digging depth 800 mm
penetrating force (horizontal) 200 kN