Multi-purpose side-dump and dinting loaders

Side-dump and dinting loaders


Electro-hydraulic Deilmann-Haniel side-tipping loaders mounted on crawler tracks are a key component in high-performance mine development drivages wordwide.

More than 1,500 loaders of this type have already seen service around the world. Deilmann-Haniel currently produces four different models with various drive power ratings (37 kW to 90 kW), bucket capacities (0.3 m³ to 2.0 m³) and machine weights (6.5 t to 25 t) to cope with the different profiles used in roadway drivages and other mine infrastructure areas. With a wide range of models available mine operators are able to select the loader that works most effectively with the other equipment, such as drill jumbos and working platforms, and best suits the conveyor systems. The smaller models are often fitted with special attachments for use as dinter-loaders.


Multi-purpose loaders


Several years ago dhms began to equip its crawler-tracked loaders to operate as multipurpose machines.

Special quick-change attachments transform the basic carrier vehicle into a multipurpose machine in no time at all. As well as a range of bucket systems (side-discharge and box-type) the vehicle can be fitted with drilling and bolting devices, hydraulic breakers, cutter heads, service platforms and other devices. Using a single carrier to perform a number of different operations constitutes a flexible and cost-effective solution for roadheading projects, roadway maintenance operations and other mine infrastructure activities. The benefits become even more apparent in confined working conditions.

One particular example of the new generation of dhms multi-purpose loaders is the dh L600 loader. Unlike previous models from the loader range this new series of machines is equipped from new with a standard quick-coupling system that is designed for even easier and faster changeover of the different tools and attachments. The new system also allows the ancillary attachments to be fitted from floor level, and then safely uncoupled again after use, without the need for any other tools.

dh L2000
dh L1200 with gas-/longhole drilling device and hydraulic breaker
dh L1200 with drilling device
dh L600 with various attachment tools
dh L500 with drilling/bolting device
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