dh DL5

Gas/long-hole drill rig

dh DL5 - lightweight version

(with drill rod lengths of 1000 mm and 1500 mm)




drilling tasks in all types of rock strata, in coal seams as well as in
fractured and unconsolidated rock:


  • drill holes for gas drainage

  • relief drilling in coal seams

  • drilling of injection and supply boreholes

  • drill holes for prospecting and water drainage

  • powerful hydraulic rotary drills of the dh DK series with various speed and torque ratios for optimum customization to different drilling tasks

  • sophisticated drill controls allow in combination with the powerful hydraulic rotary drills and optimized drill rod and bit systems high advance rates with maximum sparing of drill tools

  • easily exchangeable guide, clamping or fixing devices allow adjustment to the different drilling tasks, drill rod types and drill rod diameters

  • compact dimensions of the drill unit, the electro hydraulic power pack as well as the transport and installation props allow operation in narrow mine areas

  • hydraulically operated telescopic stanchions serve for rapid and safe bracing of the drill units in each drilling position

  • the generously dimensioned thrust system of the drill unit is built on to the machine as a direct drive with a double cylinder package (dh DL5) or as a triple cylinder package (dh DL15), without additional deflection with chains or ropes, and is extra low-maintenance and wear resistant

  • a robust design for underground use ensures high availability

Data sheet

electric components flameproof or non-flameproof version
length 2528 / 3028 mm
width 522 mm
height 660 mm
weight approx. 1000 kg
feed force (forward) max. 33 kN
feed force (pull back) max. 56 kN
drill steel length 1000 / 1500 mm
jacks (front) 2
jacks (rear) 2
drill hole diameter 50 - 150 mm