Gas/long-hole drill rigs dh DL

Hydraulically-powered Deilmann-Haniel long hole drill rigs of the dh Dl series are mainly used for mine-gas drainage and for strata reconnaissance work underground. These systems are also suitable for stress-relief drilling, water-drainage drilling, injection drilling, core drilling and other tasks.


These machines can drill in all types of rock, as well as in coal seams, caving zones and areas of loose rock. Cased holes can also be drilled if required and different hole lengths and diameters can be achieved according to the specifications of the selected drill rod and drill bit (diameter and type).


Two basic versions are produced for the different drilling methods and requirements: a lightweight model (dh DL5) and a heavier-duty model (dh DL15) for rod lengths of 1,000 mm and 1,500 mm respectively. The compact dimensions of the drill unit, the electro-hydraulic power pack and the efficient transportation and set-up systems allow the machine to be deployed in confined working spaces. The generous drive power rating means that the power pack can be positioned up to a maximum distance of 50 m from the drilling machine. Pre-fabricated hose bundles provide rapid coupling between the power pack and the drilling system.


Crawler-mounted carrier vehicles, sled systems and overhead monorail transport systems can be used for the rapid deployment of the drill unit and power pack, while various hydraulic and mechanical set-up and positioning aids can be tailor-made to customer requirements in order to reduce the assembly and make-ready time for the required drilling position.


dh DL5 and dh DL15 drill units can also be mounted on to mobile carrier vehicles (such as the loader dh L1200) using special attachment devices. A quick-change system means that the loader bucket can easily and rapidly be swapped for the drill unit. The hydraulics are supplied from the loader’s own drive unit while the boom kinematic mechanism is used for the rapid and precise positioning of the drill unit. This innovative new system has become a particularly popular choice and has proved to be a very cost-effective and flexible option for performing various drilling tasks.


Hydraulic rotary drives from the dh DK series are used to power the drill string. Rotary drives with different torque and speed stages are available to ensure optimum adaptation to individual tasks. For core drilling, for example, the rotary drives can be fitted with a rod feedthrough system and hydraulic jaw clamps.


The drill is operated from a convenient control console that also features a system for automatically regulating the feed thrust as a function of the drilling resistance (rotational pressure). Operating in conjunction with the high-performance rotary drives and optimised drill-rod and drill-bit systems this well-proven control technology delivers high drilling rates with minimum tool wear. dh DL drills can also be operated by radio remote control, as an alternative to the normal hydraulic control console.


Operating experiences with dh DL drilling machines, particularly in difficult strata, show that the design principles used have proved capable of meeting the toughest drilling challenges, especially when it comes to reliability and durability. Drilling stoppages caused by defective components or malfunctions, as can occur for example when drilling in pressure-prone areas (such as coal seams), may result in equipment jamming and the loss of the drill string – and such incidents are therefore to be avoided at all costs.

dh DL5 crawler-mounted
dh DL15 as attachment tool for loaders
dh DL15
Hydraulic rotary drill dh DK
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