dh EQ200

Multi-purpose compact excavator

The dh EQ200 with its standard quick coupling device is the ideal multi-function machine for mining and shaft construction.


Deilmann-Haniel multi-purpose excavators are being used for shaft sinking and mine infrastructure operations. Different buckets with capacities of up to 0.3 m³ are available for a wide range of tasks. There is also a drill attachment with powerful hydraulic rock drills and numerous drill feeds and for various types of drilling and bolting applications available. A hydraulic breaker can be fitted for scaling or breaking of rock material. The range of available tools now includes a manipulator unit for the accurate positioning of arch segments and rail track sections, fork arms for handling precast concrete parts and a service platform.

With their optimised transport dimensions and lifting points these machines can be moved quickly and easily to the shaft floor or to any other sites of the mine. An opening of just 2,000 mm is all that is needed for the excavator to pass down through the sinking platform. Deployment is a simple process: the rear end of the excavator is lowered down on to the sinking floor and the machine is then tilted upright on to its crawler tracks. After connecting to the power supply the required attachment (bucket or other) is fitted and the machine can get to work.


  • available in flameproof or non-flameproof version

  • electric motor rating 63 kW

  • control stand and hydraulic system prepared for use of the various attachment tools

  • various buckets with volumes up to 0.3 m³

  • crawler with dozer plate for leveling and stable set up, designed for drifts with gradient angles up to 20°

  • optimized transport and slinging dimensions

  • robust drive housing for protection of drive components from damage during operation and transport

  • modular design of all components for quick assembly and easy maintenance

Data sheet

electric components flameproof or non-flameproof version
motor rating 63 kW
pump flow 230 l/min
length approx. (without attachment tools) 4540 mm
width 1484 mm
height (without protective roof) 1673 mm
height (with protective roof) 2190 mm
weight approx. 8250 kg
ground pressure 0,10 MPa
gradeability (longitudinal) 20°
gradeability (transversal)
tramming speed 0,4 m/s
backhoe bucket 90 l / 170 l / 300 l
breakaway torque (backhoe bucket) 44 kN
tear force (backhoe bucket) 44 kN