dh BAG

Excavator drilling attachment

Deilmann-Haniel excavator drilling devices allow cost saving and flexible use of excavators also for challenging drilling applications. The excavator drilling devices are designed with tailor-made kinematics according to the specific requirements of the working sites and equipped with powerful hydraulic drifters or rotary drill heads.


Any standard quick coupling system can be used to adapt the drilling device to the excavator jib. For hydraulic supply each system merely requires a pressure, return and leakage line, which are connected via quick-release couplings. An integrated hydraulically driven generator serves for self-contained electric power supply.


High functional reliability is ensured through the use of remote control systems that have been specially designed to give continuous service under extreme operating conditions. The use of digital and proportional control technology allows precise, rapid positioning of the drill feed and easy control of the drilling processes.


dh BAG excavator drilling attachments are optimally suited for:

  • injection and blast hole drilling

  • installation of pipe umbrellas

  • pile driving

  • bolting


dh BAG excavator drilling attachments are also used for stabilizing:

  • slopes

  • walls

  • unstable railway embankments

  • sheet pile walls

  • abutments

Data sheet

weight approx. 1900 kg
requested weight of excavator approx. 19000 kg
requested hydraulic pressure 200 bar
requested hydraulic flow volume 165 l/min
drill feeds various (depending on request)
drifter dh DP15
rotary drills dh DR, dh DK