dh DF1

Crawler drill jumbo

Single-boom compact drill jumbo for face drilling in confined spaces.


  • available in flameproof or non-flameproof version

  • powerful hydraulic drifter dh DP15 with 15 kW impact power or rotary drill of the dh DR series

  • rigid BF3300 none-telescopic drill boom with automatic parallelism and center mounted drill feed, offering excellent stability and accuracy for precision drilling

  • compact carrier with crawlers for stable set up and easy manoeuvring in narrow drifts with gradient angles up to 20°

  • robust drive housing for protection of drive components from damage during transport and manoeuvring

  • modular design of all components for quick assembly and easy maintenance

  • specially designed drill rig for drifting, crosscuts and roof holes

  • telescopic heavy-duty BTL booms with automatic parallelism and double rotation unit for direct, fast and accurate positioning

  • carrier with crawler drive for stable set-up and easy manoeuvring

  • modular design of all components for easy assembly and maintenance


Optional equipment


  • water booster pump

  • water mist flushing

  • remote control system

  • protective roof (adjustable)

  • cable reel

  • fire suppression system

Data sheet

electric components mit/ohne Schlagwetterschutz
motor rating 75 kW
pump flow 2 x 110 l/min (+ 1 x 50 l/min, optional)
length approx. (depending on drill feed) 11000 mm
width 1238 mm
height (without protective roof) 1710 mm
ground pressure 0,10 MPa
weight approx. 11000 kg
gradeability (longitudinal) 20°
gradeability (transversal)
drill boom BF 3300
drill feeds verschiedene (je nach Einsatzbedingung)
drill control system Anbohrstufe, automatische Schlagwerk Zu- und Abschaltung, Antifestbohrautomatik
drifter dh DP15
rotary drills dh DR