Drill jumbos

dhms drill jumbos are the result of a decade–long, worldwide employment in underground mining, tunneling and gallery construction. A complete range of customized drill jumbos, made from a modular system of proven components, are offered for a variety of applications. dhms drill jumbos are highly efficient in underground blast hole drilling, bolting, grouting and probe hole drilling for strata reconnaissance.

A large choice of undercarriages, booms, drill feeds and rock drills is the basis of optimal equipment tailored specifically to each particular job. The modular design of dhms drill jumbos allows them to be easily transported, assembled and dismantled while ensuring that simple maintenance is also possible.

Robustly built, providing high availability and long service life, dhms drill jumbos have been proven time and again throughout the world under the most adverse conditions. On request, dhms can design and manufacture special models for a wide range of applications that go beyond the ordinary.



dhms drill jumbos are normally fitted with crawler undercarriages. They can also be offered on wheeled and rail-bound carriages. In each case, the undercarriage is adapted to support one or two booms and additional devices such as service platforms. The crawlers have a similar design as the dhms loaders. They guarantee easy control and outstanding stability in all modes of operation. Hydraulic tramming drives with an integrated brake system make it possible to use the jumbos in steep inclines as well.


Drive systems

dhms drill jumbos are fitted with electro-hydraulic drives selected to provide ample power and a separate drive train is provided for each boom. Electric motors are available for various operating voltages and frequencies. As independent drive train for the carrier a diesel engine can be adapted. The switchgear includes a diagnostic and monitoring module for high-speed analysis of all relevant machine conditions and runtime monitoring.

The hydraulic power pack consists of a number of pressure-regulated variable displacement axial-piston pumps. Mineral oils, biological oils or flame resistant liquids can be used as hydraulic medium, if required. The hydraulic power pack includes both a cooler and a filtering system. Temperature and level of the hydraulic medium are monitored automatically.


Drill booms

A variety of heavy duty drill booms for fast and accurate positioning of drill holes with full automatic parallelism is available to satisfy any particular need:

  • Telescopic BTL-booms with double rotation device and boom extensions up to 1,100 mm. These booms are particularly suitable for lightweight track and tyre–mounted carriers. Each boom is supplied with an integral console unit to house the drill control panel. This arrangement greatly facilitates the work of transporting and assembling the drill jumbo below ground

  • Telescopic BT-booms with double rotation device and boom extensions of up to 1,750 mm. These booms particularly suit galleries with large cross-sections

  • Non-telescopic BF-booms. These simple and low-cost booms are ideally suited for blast hole drilling in small galleries

In order to minimize repair and maintenance work all bolts and joints on dhms drill booms are made from highly wear-resistant materials. Careful routing and protecting of hydraulic hoses ensures drilling without interruption and guarantees high machine availability.


Drill feeds

A key feature of dhms drill feeds is their high resistance to bending and torque. The choice of feed profiles yields excellent guiding and sliding properties All drill feed components are made of highly wear-resistant materials. Slide elements and other parts subjected to wear can be adjusted or, when necessary, easily replaced. A wide range of feeds with different lengths and numerous customizable options is available for various applications.

Extra items are of help e. g. for extension drilling or bolting. The feeds therefore can be equipped with hydraulic clamps or slewing devices for the drill rod. Various types of telescopic feeds are available for special applications. They make bolting possible even under low roof conditions without having to reduce blast-hole length. An integrated telescope ensures steady and even drill thrust, thus reducing wear and tear. In addition to a high drilling speed, service life of drilling tools is increased with a resulting positive effect on operating costs.


Rock drills

All dhms drill jumbos are equipped with powerful hydraulic rock drills either drifters or rotary drills to achieve short drilling and bolting cycle times.

The dh DP15 high performance drifter makes it easy to combine drifting, roof bolting and long-hole drilling. Available with male or female shank adapters and designed as one of the shortest rock drills in its class, the dh DP15 stands for best utilization of feed length. A choice of easily interchangeable rotation motors for different torques and rotation speeds allows the matching of various drilling and bolting applications. Key features are:

  • powerful 15 kW impact mechanism
  • efficient internal reflex damping system for effective protection of the drifter and the drill string
  • a choice of rotation motors with different torques and rotation speeds allow to match any drilling and bolting application
  • excellent dependability in operation
  • reinforced design for longer service and simplified maintenance
  • extended life spans of wear components


The hydraulic rotary drills of the dh DR series are the universal drill drives for rock strata of low to medium hardness. The dh DR rotary drills are the shortest in their class for best utilization of feed length and ideal for drilling and installing rock bolts in confined spaces.

  • excellent reputation for high drilling speed and reliability
  • rotation motors with various rotation speed and torque ranges for best adjustment to any drilling and bolting requirements
  • shank adapters of male or female type
  • low maintenance efforts, all wear parts easily replaceable
  • external flushing head for water, water-mist or air flushing.


Operator’s cab

All tramming and drilling functions are piloted from a central, ergonomically designed operator’s cab. Each boom has its own control panel with pilot „joy“ sticks and control instruments. Easy handling – especially when rapidly adjusting the drill boom – is achieved with multi-functional control sticks. The drilling controls include a collaring function, automatic percussion on-off as well as automatic anti-jamming. Rock bolt installation is supported by various bolting modes, e. g. additional rotation speed for resin mixing and adjustable feed advance. Electro-hydraulic control systems as well as remote control systems are also available for various drill jumbos, even in flameproof version.


Optional equipment and accessories

Accessories include, among others, air compressors, water booster pumps, hose and cable reels. A few of dhms drill jumbos models can also be fitted with additional service platforms. Respective details are described in the product brochures. dhms will assist configuration based on abundant experience gained from operations worldwide.


Commissioning, maintenance and repair, spare parts

Experienced technicians are available for commissioning and training on site and can also undertake maintenance and repair work. Well-stocked spares ensure short-term deliveries to locations of operation worldwide.

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